Thursday, December 20, 2012

In The Wake Of The Storm

The Mid Atlantic Coast Recovers

I would like to extend a special holiday wish to all of the residents of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut who endured the unfathomable fury of Hurricane Sandy.

Whether the impact on your life was minor, moderate, or catastrophic, I want you to know that your sacrifices are appreciated and your struggles are not forgotten.

a large format photo of the barnegat light lighthouse in new jersey
Barnegat Lighthouse, Long Beach Island

May you and your families find joy and comfort this holiday season despite the extraordinary circumstances.

May you find the strength to endure the hardships that you face.

May you find the resources and the resolve to rebuild your communities in the coming months and years.

I look forward to visiting the stunningly beautiful Jersey Shore and the incomparable Mid Atlantic coastline as soon as the region is open again for business.  The sand and the sun, the food and the adventures that I have come to treasure over the decades will be available once again to all thanks to your dedication and determination.

Thank you and best wishes for a safe and blessed holiday season.

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