Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Last Moment Of Daylight

Photographing the Orange Glow of Sunset

Blue light dominates our atmosphere.  The short blue wavelengths bounce freely off of dust particles and gas molecules spreading blue light across the sky.

As evening (or sunrise) approaches, light from the sun has to travel a much longer distance through the atmosphere.  The easily bounced blue wavelengths fade and reveal the longer, slower wavelengths of yellow and red.

a photo of a bell tower in dubrovnik croatia in the orange glow of sunset
Bell Tower at Last Light, Dubrovnik

If the sky is clear and the setting sun is unobstructed by haze or clouds, the last moment of daylight can cast a strong orange glow on westward facing objects.

If you can catch this fleeting light before it fades, the glow will add a rich, saturated look to photographs.  But you'd better work quickly, because it won't last long!

        Canon EOS 5D Mark II

        Canon 70-200 f/4L IS

Light happens.  Be ready.  Shoot hard.

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