Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Windmill, Moon, and Flags

Chances and Challenges

I took a lot of shots in order to capture this one image. The biggest challenge was trying to catch the scene it at the precise moment when both flags were extended by the wind. That didn't happen very often, and it never lasted more than an instant.

I was shooting from a small and heavily traveled walkway. There was no room to set up a tripod. It took a lot of control to keep everything lined up precisely in the frame while holding a long lens by hand. 

Then there was the small matter of tourists walking into the shot and standing there. The windmill is on the property of a popular hotel.

a photograph of a santorini windmill at sunset
Windmill, Moon, and Flags - Santorini

It was a challenging shot, but somehow I had the good fortune to get an exposure with all of the desired elements before the best light faded. (I would have been a grumpy dinner companion if I had missed it.)

But I walked away reasonably certain that I'd captured the shot that I had imagined. I even treated myself to a latte.

 Nikon D800E
Lens:     Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G AF-S VRII

Light happens.  Be ready.  Shoot hard.

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