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Pyramid of the Sun

The Ancient City of Teotihuacán

The Pyramid of the Sun is the center-piece of a sprawling ancient city in the mountains of Mexico. Little is known about the people who built these massive structures nearly two-thousand years ago. 

When the Aztecs discovered the site centuries later, the original inhabitants had long since disappeared. Teotihuacán, as the Aztecs called it, remained the largest city in the Western Hemisphere until the 1400s.

a photo of the pyramid of the sun teotihuacan mexico black and white
Pyramid of the Sun - Teotihuacán, México

Pyramid Dimensions

Base: 225 meters (733 feet)

Height: 75 meters (246 feet)

Volume: 1.2 million cubic meters of solid rock

Located about an hour outside of Mexico City, Teotihuacán can take the better part of a day to explore. Luckily, tourists are still permitted to climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. The Pyramid of the Moon is partially restricted.

If you plan to visit (something that you should strongly consider if you plan to be in the Mexico City area) be prepared to do a lot of walking. Carry water, wear a hat, and apply sunscreen liberally. At 7,500 feet of elevation, the Mexican sun is merciless. And watch where you place your hands; this is scorpion country.

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