Sunday, June 25, 2023

Beekman Theater

Movies In The Dark

Many cinemas have closed in the city. Movies used play for months in Manhattan. There were enough theaters to accommodate them and plenty of people willing to pay money each week to see feature films on a big screen.

Streaming services and high-definition televisions brought the theater experience into people's homes. There was no need to pay twenty dollars a ticket for a cinematic experience.

And then the pandemic hit. Cinemas that struggled to stay afloat before Covid now faced even more daunting headwinds.

a photo of the closed beekman theater in new york city at night

Maybe the cinemas will stage a comeback. Maybe, like vinyl records, they'll pull a Houdini and enjoy an enthusiastic resurgence of interest and support.

Home theater systems are amazing, but there's nothing like watching a good film on a big screen, listening to a soundtrack on an array of large speakers, or laughing at jokes with a roomful of delighted movie buffs.

Sony a7R III
Lens:        Sony FE 85mm f/1.8

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