Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Death Valley Sunrise

First Light At Badwater

Good morning!

There are lots of Death Valley Sunrise photos on the Internet.  I suppose that one more couldn't hurt.

Imagine the feel of salt crunching under your feet as you hike out onto the flats in darkness.  The air is silent and surprisingly chilly. You half-seriously wonder whether a pack of coyotes is going to eat you for breakfast.

Now you're in the zone! Enjoy the sunrise!

a photo of the sunrise on the badwater salt flats in death valley
Death Valley Sunrise

This photo is brought to you courtesy of an exotic location, some timely clouds, and Canon's incomparable, ultra-amazing 24mm tilt-shift lens.

Please support our incomparable, ultra-amazing National Park system.  And watch out for hungry coyotes!

 Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon TS-E24 f/3.5L II

Light happens.  Be ready.  Shoot hard.

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